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The Separating the Religions Project is a key project of WTL International, your Truth brand. Separating the Religions books approach truths we feel everybody should consider, so we classify them as “life essential.”

The brains behind the project is Publisher Aisha Hammah. She earned her degrees from Harvard University and McMaster University, and her continuing education Publishing certificate from Ryerson University, now called Toronto Metropolitan University.

The Separating the Religions series starts by comparing religions literally. By the end of the project, and through engagement on the Goodies Page, we hope you discover a whole new sense of the term “Separating the Religions.”


We publish the series "as we go" to keep it fresh and protected from copying before its time. You should also know that we house many other books whose primary focus is leading people down The Way that produces lasting, positive life changes, prioritizing The Truth in information-sharing, and imparting "Life" on the abundant level Jesus Christ of Nazareth taught of and died for---these are the best ways we know how.

We will be hosting readings and Q&A sessions on these books in the time to come, God-permitting.

Thank you for your audience.


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